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Limitations of Lucene Results

Question asked by vanhoeck on Jul 18, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2015 by katnam21

I was testing the abilities of Lucene on an Alfresco server with about 10k files. When I run the query as Admin, I get 1000 results (intentionally didn't raise that limit). In the next step, I've added a new user (Homer) and I gave Homer one file in his home folder. When I ran the query as Homer, he didn't get any file back.

I'm guessing Lucene stops at 1000 files and then starts to check the permissions one by one. Since there are 10000 files on Alfresco and only 1000 files in the result, he just never gets to the file I was searching for. This implies that a query which has 1000+ results in total, but only 50 for the current user, might not get all 50 answers back. Is there any way to correct this without changing the And is there any way of knowing whether all results were returned? I know I can change system.acl.maxPermissionChecks to 10000, but that wouldn't solve the problem once the number of files goes up (to 100000 for example).


PS: the lines in the I was talking about.

# Properties to limit resources spent on individual searches
# The maximum time spent pruning results
# The maximum number of results to perform permission checks against