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Howto Setup RunTimeExec TransformCommand Once Only?

Question asked by samjeff on Jul 21, 2008
Dear all,

When I tried to copy some extension file, Alfresco automatically done transform Command.

<property name="transformCommand">
<bean class="org.alfresco.util.exec.RuntimeExec">

But the problem is, it is always running when user right click on CIFS Server.
I want TransformCommand only works once when a file to be copied, but currently the TransformCommand works too when user right click the file on CIFS Server. How to setup on CIFS Server so that RunTimeExec Transform Command works once ?
I mean when a file copied, Alfresco already make the database search. So it is not necessary to make database search again when user click file on CIFS Server.

In Web-based, it is no problem as long as user doesn't click the 'i' button.

Would you help me?
Thank you