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Web CMS basics

Question asked by radek on Apr 18, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2007 by kvc
We interested in use Alfresco CMS in our company. Recently we started to experiment with Alfresco Web CMS.
Because we don't have any good tutorials, we would like to ask you
if there is any good tutorial for webCMS.

Particularly we have following problems:
- we tried to define the document structure in webCMS using xml Schema
but the document ignores it.
- we are unable to apply XSL template to the content we created
- is the whole publication chain necessary, or it is possible to assign
only some roles (for example only Manager)?
- we were not able to publish the sandbox (this means if Manager changes
his sandbox, he is not able to transfer his changes to the staging sandbox)
- is there any possibility to map sandboxes to filesystem folders like
in standard Alfresco?

Can you help us to get answers or suggest a way to get solution?

Best regards