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dumb question

Question asked by ptstudent on Jul 21, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2008 by ptstudent
hi everyone, i'm new here and trying to find my way around alfresco, let me start by appologising if this is not the right place to make this question, but i've been trying to understand how Alfresco works and came arround a sample code that doesn't work for me

var stagingFolder = companyhome.childByNamePath("Intranet/Staging");
var productionFolder = companyhome.childByNamePath("Intranet/Production");
if(stagingFolder != null)
   var i=0;
   var today = new Date();
   for each(n in stagingFolder.children)
      child = stagingFolder.children;
      if(["cm:from"] <= today)

I keep getting a multiplicity erron on the .move(…) line… can anyone explain me why??? :S

I know it's a dumb question, but give me a brake :P pls…

thanks a lot in advance