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Question about Dynamic Models in Alfresco 2.9C

Question asked by agey on Jul 21, 2008
Hello all!

I have a question about configuration Dynamic Models:

I have configured a customModel dynamically as it is indicated in Dynamic Model page, and Alfreco works properly with this model. The problem is when I restart de Tomcat because the customModel.xml of the Datadictionary is deactivated. If I active again the customModel.xml in the Datadictionary (unselect and select again the option "Model Active") then it returns to work propertly.

Why does this happen?

I have tried to add the customModel, configurated dynamically, in the folder shared/extension too, and to indicate them in custom-model-contex.xml. By this way, I solve the problem when I restart Tomcat but if I add another customModel.xml dynamically, it must has all definitions of the others customModels.

There is some way in order that the customModel.xml configurated dynamically continues active though the Tomcat is restarted?