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Updating existing Web Forms using an import?

Question asked by edgar on Apr 19, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2007 by kvc

Is it possible to update existing Web Forms in Alfresco WCM using an Alfresco import?

I have tried the following:

1/ On the Alfresco source server create an Export of the Web Forms Space.
2/ On the Alfresco target server try to import the resulting .acp file in the Web Forms Space.
3/ I get the error:
Failed to execute import: org.alfresco.service.cmr.view.ImporterException: Failed to import package at line 1545; column 20 due to error: Duplicate child name not allowed: servicemenu

This is correct: I already have a Web Form with the name "servicemenu".

What I would want Alfresco to do here is to update my existing servicemenu Web Form with the new one in the import.

Any thoughts on how to accomplish this?

A possible "workaround" I see is the following:
- remove the servicemenu Web Form from the .acp file
- update the servicemenu's .xsd and .xsl (our template) files by hand using the CIFS interfacce
- import the remaining Web Forms using the .acp file

Doing this for every export/import action we want to do will take a lot of time however..