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Page Layout and Site Management in Alfresco 2.1?

Question asked by edgar on Apr 19, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2007 by kvc

A question about the WCM roadmap.

In the roadmap for 2.1 I read:

WCM will add new tools to simplify page layout, site management

On the Alfresco WSF Forum Luis Sala states:

the long term roadmap calls for making page layout management part of the product

You can see my questions coming.. ;-)

1/ Will page layout and site management indeed be added in the upcoming 2.1 release?
2/ If so: can Alfresco give us any insight into these features at this moment?
3/ How do these features relate to what is done in the WSF project?
4/ Is Alfresco 2.1 GA still scheduled for mid-may?

What I also said on the Alfresco WSF forum is:

We expected page layout management to be on the short term roadmap for Alfresco WCM, not the long term.

Many web content management systems start out with a page management system and build their product from there. I think the approach that Alfresco (WCM) chooses is better in many ways. However if Alfresco does not offer a page layout management system in the short term as opposed to the long term we (and others with us) will not be able to wait..