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Integrating Alfresco in existing Spring Application

Question asked by sgz_holger on Apr 20, 2007
Im trying to integrate Alfresco in an existing Spring Application. Currently Hibernate is used for storing information and images. I want to use Alfresco as a Content Repository and I want to use the JSR-170 API.

But what exactly do I have to do to integrate Alfresco? Which files do I have to copy where and which libraries do I have to integrate in the classpath?

Also I already have my application-context.xml from my existing Spring Project. Alfresco has its own application-context.xml, how can I put this together? Schould I copy some parts of the Alfresco application-context.xml to the one from my Spring App?

I already tried to copy the <import …> tags from alfresco to my app-context but I'm getting errors.

Is there a step by step instruction for integrating Alfresco somewhere?

Thanks a lot,