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Quota's not decreasing with deletions

Question asked by bplatt on Jul 22, 2008
I have the following installation:

OS:  Mandriva 2008
Version: Community Network - v2.9.0 (B 683) Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment
java.runtime.version 1.6.0_02-b05
MySQL version 5.0.45

When users delete their files, it does not take away from their quota and usage.  Fro example, if a user has a 512MB quota and uploads 256MB, his usage correctly states he has 256MB of usage, but if he deletes the 256MB of data, hsi usage still says he is using 256MB.  If he then uploads another 256MB his usage shows 512MB.

I deleted everything from the recycle bin as administrator and added  

<bean id="storeArchiveMap" class="org.alfresco.repo.node.StoreArchiveMap">
     <property name="archiveMap">

to <ext-config>/alfresco/extension/custom-repository-context.xml   as outlined here: