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Question asked by jm.pascal Employee on Jul 22, 2008
Latest reply on May 22, 2009 by rama.honge

My first post on Alfresco Forum ! :)

I'm sometimes thinking on how I could participate in the Alfresco community …
There is already so much documentation, screencasts, web pages and blogs on the subject that I thought it would be useless to participate … And then I have to be innovate …

But after my presentation on the ECM Open Source, I told myself that I could continue on the same way with Alfresco.

It is with great pleasure that I invite you to watch my new presentation on Alfresco. This is a small tutorial on the fundamental concepts of Alfresco. This presentation is not a reference, but just an easy way to understand Alfresco and its concepts!

You can find the presentation at the following url :
and if you like it, don't hesitate to vote ;)

Furthermore, I have some summary about Alfresco at this link :

Hope It will help everyone….

Best Regards.

For more informations : For English spoken users. For French spoken users.