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Forms and Content Transformation

Question asked by fseneque on Jul 23, 2008

I am using Alfresco 2.9B Community and I would like to implement a customized form.
The user has to fill the gaps in the form and then the resulting xml file has to be transformed automatically (for instance by using XSLT transformation) to a PDF file.

I’ve tried using ECM Forms and I’ve been able to generate the xml file. I’ve seen no options in the UI to combine the XML Schema (the form) and the Xsl rendering file.(wich was available with the Web Forms). However I’ve read in the wiki that it was possible to do content transformation to have the same results. I followed the instruction to make my custom transformation: I created the bean (in the file my-transformation-context.xml) and the java class. However, I don’t know how to activate or deploy it (it wasn’t explained there or I may be I misunderstood something).

2 questions:

Do you know if there is any guide about it?
Do you think that it’s the best way to do this with content transformation or there are easier means?

I want to say again that the purpose of this is only to fill a form and generate the pdf file. Using WCM may be way too much for what I need. 

Thank you very much