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problem on bootstrap the destinationrepositry from acp file

Question asked by anilmekala on Apr 23, 2007
Hello every body ,

    i fallowed steps  given below to bootstrap the destination repositry acp files exported from full Exceport

1.Install alfresco but do not start

2.Rename the existing restore-context.xml.sample to restore-context.xml in the configuration extensition directory /alfresco/extension for a tomcat installation this is the <installation-folder>/tomcat/shared/classes/alfresco/extension folder.
3.By default ,restore-context.xml assumes a package name of export  was used.If this is not the case ,replace all occurences of Export with u r package name.
4.create a directory called restore within alfresco/extension the exported files from from source repositry into the /alfresco/extension/restore folder.
6.start alfresco

my server was started with out any fail.

but where can i see exported files in browser space.

thanks in advance,