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Alfresco for Document Management in Construction Sector

Question asked by js8523 on Jul 23, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2009 by anovotny
Hi All

I am wondering whether there are any users/ partners that have implemented Alfresco for the construction sector and/or CAD/Engineering user base?

Their are various pieces of industry vertical functionality that I would be interested if other users have tried to use Alfresco for:

1) Document Issuing
       a) Revision history and subscription based upon issue list.
       b) Auditing of viewing/receipt.

2) Handling of CAD type documents.
       a) Extracting Meta-data from CAD documents (autocad etc).
       b) Saving meta-data into CAD documents (revision history)
       c) Viewing /Editing / Redlining CAD documents in place.

3) The concept of a Project, with associated meta information (i.e. clients, subcontractors, suppliers, advisors, 3rd parties)

Please if anyone has had any experience I would appreciate the opportunity of discussing the functionality fit already existing and the work required to shape the remainder.

Many Thanks,

James Salt