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Auditrail and Performance

Question asked by holden on Apr 23, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2008 by archana.bonkanpally
Hello everyone!

We need to track the actions done by the uses (a.k.a audit) and for that reason we decided to activate the Auditrail.

We estimate about 200 users simultaneously accessing the application and we are intended to log some of the high level actions such as document deleted, document checked out, new user created, etc. (Please, do not panic… we are not intended to log all what the node service does!)

We are really aware that if activate the Auditrail, it will directly affect the performance of the application; however we would like to maintain an acceptable response time. Summarizing, the question we have are:

:arrow: Has anyone tested the Auditrail on where hundred of users are accessing the repository simultaneously? Does the Auditrail really slow down the system? Is it possible to measure the slow down in a percentage term (such as 20% slower, 50%slower)?

:arrow: How fast is query later the database in order to retrieve some logged actions? We have noticed that logged data "live" in the arg_1, arg_2, … columns. So later, when a query should be made to retrieve some specific information, the LIKE operator should be use in order to get the desired rows. For instance, if you want to retrieve all the spaces copied, the WHERE clause of the SQL sentence will look like this

WHERE Service='FileFolderService' AND method='copy' AND fail='0' AND return_val LIKE '%isFolder=yes%'

Look at the restriction
 LIKE '%isFolder=yes%'.
The % is on the beginning of the guard. This SQL statement will be definitely slow.  Is there any better solution?

Any help/advice/experience tale/idea,  will be really welcome