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Auditing in Alfresco

Question asked by jon.williams on Jul 25, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2016 by anniehobbs3030
I'm testing out Alfresco for a very specific need our company has.  We're talking about a handful of users and perhaps 1 workspace.  An important requirement we have is for audit trails.  Specifically I need to be able to track who accesses a document and when.

I've been trying to enable auditing in Alfresco and am getting frustrated with the current documentation.  It seems to assume a much greater familiarity with Alfresco than I currently have.  The page I've been looking at is

The question I have is this.  Is there more in depth documentation for auditing in Alfresco?  I don't want theory.  What I want is to not only know how to enable it but to also know how and where that data trail is stored.

I don't mind spending more time on Alfresco but keep in mind I'm only demoing it.  This is a small side project and I can't afford a huge time sink.  So any advice would be appreciated.  Even if it's "walk away".