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[HELP] add content -> kicked out of user session instead

Question asked by redstapler on Apr 25, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2007 by redstapler
This is Alfresco 2.0 Community in a fairly new installation. No associated logs found in catalina.out. Thankfully this is not in production (yet).
I have the following problem:
Dropping contents in spaces using CIFS works fine, but access to these documents from the web client doesn't work. Example PDFs: I can access the Alfresco-Tutorial.pdf in Guest Home: Click on icon in the web client, and the document is loaded in a new browser window as I expect.
However when I drop a PDF in my home directory via CIFS, and try to bring it up the same way, I am kicked out of my session and the Alfresco log in screen appears. So I log in and I am being sent to the Dashboard view. Same behaviour when I try to add content through the web client: After selecting a file on the local file system and clicking upload, I am getting kicked out of the session and the file is not being uploaded. This appears like a fundamental problem in Alfresco or is this PEBCAK?