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Integration ERP & Alfresco

Question asked by jlabuelo on Jul 29, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2014 by jimmiemenon
Good Morning guys

We have been using Alfresco as our Content Management tool for our company (small company of 5 people) but now that we are growing and have new projects in mind we would like to install and implement an ERP system.
However the ideal situation would be getting the Alfresco System as Content Management software integrated with our ERP system. As we did not have decided yet the ERP system, does anybody have any suggestion about what would it be the best ERP software to integrate with Alfresco?

Did someone got an integration like this  for their company or any customer? if so how did you do it? is there any documentation for this? Sharing your experiences will be very appreciated by us  :)

Thanks a lot in advance