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Adding custom metadata through desktop interface

Question asked by coffman on Apr 26, 2007
Latest reply on May 17, 2007 by bsawler
At our enterprise we are evaluating Alfresco as Document Management Software.
We mainly needs to scan a lot of invoices, and them insert a lot of custom metadata (such as invoice number, provider, and more data, …). There are one person that scan all invoices and them goes through the web interface and sets the needed metadata this is a  time consuption task .

We need to insert the invoices data (documents metadata) with a simple Windows (or java) desktop application, is this possible or exist any tool to achieve this ??

Ideally the user scan a lot of invoices(10-20), software converts it to a TIFF and place it into a CIFS directory, them the user starts this application and he can fill metadata for all documents on this directory.

Thanks for any response.