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Alfresco 2.1CE + Oracle 10g More than one root node in index

Question asked by vladimirfx on Jul 30, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2008 by vladimirfx
Clean 2.1 CE + clean schema in Oracle 10g.
First run Alfresco create DB and start normaly.
Second run 100% " More than one root node in index" exception.
With MySQL and HSQL all works fine.

Alfresco does'nt support Oracle?

P/S: I've tryed all avaible guides for this error. Exmaple: I've try clear lucene-index dir and full reindex - Alfresco starts first time (ALL DATA LOST!) but second is fail again .  :cry:

My head decide to not use Alfresco if it not working with Oracle… I've found 2 days on resolving that issue.