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Question asked by invantix on Apr 26, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2007 by invantix
I have a space that has typical sub spaces for workflow. These include Drafts, Pending Approval, Approved, and Published. 

When "Request Approval" is selected in drafts, the document is MOVED to the "Pending Approval" space.

When "Approve" is selected the doc is MOVED to "Approved" space which has a rule that transforms to PDF and COPPIES it to Published.

At the end there is a word doc in approved and a PDF in Published.  This is pretty straight forward and all works fine.

Now I want to update the document (I have versioning on at the root of these spaces)  I want the users to go to the Approved space and edit the document and have it end up in drafts when they save it (without them thinking about it). In other words I don’t want them to have to do save as.