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[SOLVED] Content web service and Lucene

Question asked by vsuarez on Jul 30, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2008 by vsuarez

I previously post this message in the "Repository Services" forum, but this could be a better place.

I'm working with Alfresco web services, and almost everything is working well. But I have a problem with the content web service, specially with de uploaded content: lucene is not indexing such content.

If I upload a document with the web client, I can search into its contents with the web client search tool, and with the methods of the repository web service too. But if I use the content web service ("write" method), I can not search into the uploaded contents in this way, either with web client nor with repository web service methods.

I think the indexing lack is due to the creation method: you first create a empty content with the repository web service "update" method (CML create) and then you upload the content with the content web service "write" method. I guess Lucene is not being triggered in the content upload.

Is this a Alfresco-bug? Is this a programmer-bug?