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Formfields as metadata (MS Office and OO)

Question asked by buurd on Jul 31, 2008

I'm looking for a MetadataExtractor that would allow me to get metadata from a Text-document (MS Word and OpenDocumentText) using the xml-file to map the names of the formfields in the document to an aspect. The question is basically, does this functionallity exist already as some kind of plugin to Alfresco or do I have to implement my self?

A little deeper explaination:
We are going to use Alfresco for a project where there exist a Metadata-standard for the domain. To handle the metadata we are going to put a preface on all documents with a form where the user can fill the fileds with the nececery metadata. Then we expect to be able to extract the form-data when uploading a document to alfresco. Perhaps in a second stage we would like to fill the form with information with things like version in Alfresco…

Thanks in advance
Roland Heimdahl