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Several Questions About Alfresco

Question asked by kaplan71 on Apr 27, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2007 by dozyarmadillo
Hi there –

I had several questions concerning the installation and implementation of Alfresco.

1. I would like the website that is to be built to be a KnowledgeBase. Is Alfresco capable of being a document search engine?

2. If I want to upload multiple files to the knowledgebase, can I do so? If so, how?

3. Is it possible for me to have filtered access where users would log into the site and have access to certain parts of the knowledgebase? In other words, users in various groups would see only a select group of documents that the groups have permission to see.

4. What type of authentication mechanism is available? Does Alfresco have one, or do I need another mechanism?