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How are Working Copies meant to work?

Question asked by samuel.penn on Jul 31, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2008 by dinger
From what I can see, when a document is checked out, and a working copy is created in the same space, Alfresco does not behave in the way that I'd expect. This is on Alfresco 2.2 Enterprise.

Consider the following situation:

A space is in Alfresco, which has collaborator permission for everyone. User Alice creates a document, then checks it out for editing, creating the working copy in the same space.

User bob looks in the space, and sees that the original document is locked, and that they don't have permission to edit it. However, they do have permission to edit the working copy, so can edit that inline, making changes to that which conflict with changes Alice is making.

Isn't this the sort of thing that checking out a document is meant to prevent? The only way this seems to work as expected, is if the working copy is checked out to another space (possibly the user's home space). Shouldn't the working copy be owned by the user who checks it out, with no permissions for anyone else to edit it?

Have I missed something obvious here, because otherwise this looks like quite a serious bug to me.