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Possibility of replacing FileNet with Alfresco

Question asked by chetan on Jul 31, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2011 by jpfi
Hi All,

I was reviewing some open source alternatives for FileNet Image Services and come across alfresco which seems to be a good Content Management system.

However, I would need your help in determining  whether it is possible to replace FileNet Image Services with Alfresco having follwing features:

1. Connectivity for document flow from ERP systems like Oracle,Siebel and SAP.
2. Capability of scanning documents (both individually and in batches) into the system.
3. Annotation capability in the images.
4. Support for CSAR storage technology.
5. Workflow/Security/Metadata storage capability
6. MRII like component for batch processing of documents

Thanks in advance for your help in this regard.