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help concerning auditing

Question asked by gandrez on Apr 30, 2007
Latest reply on May 2, 2007 by gandrez
Hi all!  :)

I'm using Alfresco 2.0 Community Edition and I'm looking to record in some way who viewed a certain document and at what time.. A small example would be very helpful.

The problem is the getReader() method is not called every time a certain document is viewed. It more looks like it gets called only once, the first time it's viewed after every server startup.
After implementing the ConentHits example aspect it seems to call it every time the document is viewed. Any idea why?

Another technical question: in ContentHits example there are calls to setting properties on a document. Who performs that operation? Not the user viewing the document, since when a Consumer views the document, the property is set, and a Consumer does not have that permission.

And is there a way to log how many users are currently on-line?

Thanks in advance,