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Question asked by dpatri on Apr 30, 2007

I have created an advanced workflow, and as opposed to using the "Manage Task" dialog, I have customized a space to show all the workflow contextual data. From within this space I use the task command processor ("alfresco/command/task/end/jbpm$1234/approve?return-page=" to approve workflows.

I am also using pooled tasks so multiple people have access to this link. However, for example, if two users hit the customized space, which has this link, and they both click on this link, the second user will get a workflow error (because the workflow has already been approved).

Is there a graceful to either catch this error and display a nice error (as it is not a system error), or just ignore the error and forward it to the dashboard or whatever the return page designated (same as if the workflow approve was successful)