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New User - Help with CIFS and Database Location

Question asked by rdhami on Apr 30, 2007
Hi Folks;

I am new to Alfresco - currently setting up v2.0 Community Package on a W2K3 (stand alone) server.  I have three (3) issues as follows:

Issue # 1:

Setting up a file share (or mapping a directory) to the CIFS shared space.  I have had a scan through some of the postings in this forum, and I see that there is reference to editing one of the .xml files to find the <host_name ="${local}_A"/> and appending that with "MYDOMAIN" - however, when I open up the xml file, I do not see this line in there!  If I click on the web space icon (or something to that effect), next to the home space, I get an error saying that the file or directory does not exist, etc.

Issue # 2:

I have created a rule to send out an email when new content is added to one of the sites - I do not have an SMTP server on the current host, do I need to install one, or can I point to an external smtp?

Issue # 3:

Can I specify the location of my database (I am just using the default HSQL db)? - which files or folders do I need to be aware of when moving my database and schema?

Thanks in advance!