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Lucene Index Recovery

Question asked by mgardone on Aug 1, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2008 by mgardone
I am in the final stages of testing with HSQL for proof of concept.  Things were going well until today.  I am receiving an error in a single workspace and believe it's attributed to corrupt indices.

A system error happened during the operation: Non-root node has no primary parent: child: workspace://SpacesStore/89c4306d-5f3e-11dd-a4fc-45ab39a2b329

I have been sifting through the forum and have only seen reference to index recovery mode.  Since I am a relative newbie, I am unfamiliar with where the mode needs to be set.  I altered the index-recovery-context file only to receive SEVERE errors when reloading.  A single workspace is affected, all others are intact.

Would anyone have a more concise description of the recovery procedure?