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Renamed 'Web Projects' is no longer WCM enabled

Question asked by sbzoom on May 1, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2008 by kvc
I renamed "Web Projects" to "Web Projects - Clients" thinking that I could split our web projects into two folders so they would be easier to find.  Well, now the "Web Projects - Clients" folder is no longer a "web" enabled space.  Its just a regular space.  I renamed it back to "Web Projects" to no avail.  It is still just a regular space.

What can I do here?  Do I have to wipe my database and my alf_data and start over?  Or are there attributes somewhere that I can change to make a space a web space?  I would like to have a few spaces that are WCM enabled.  Is this possible?

Thanks for the help.