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DB2 on iSeries Configuration

Question asked by sstrickland on May 2, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2008 by andy
[size=150]Can Alfresco be configured to use DB2 on the iSeries?[/size]
If so, how?

[size=150]Jackrabbit Configuration[/size]
I currently have Jackrabbit running successfully by configuring the repository.xml to use jdbc and db2.ddl.  However, Jackrabbit has some issues I find undesirable.

      <param name="driver"
   value="" />
      <param name="url"
      thread used=false;
      libraries=*LIBL,wbtstdta,wbtstexc" />
      <param name="user" value="iseriesUser" />
      <param name="password" value="iseriesPw" />
      <param name="schema" value="db2" />
      <param name="schemaObjectPrefix" value="${}_" />
      <param name="externalBLOBs" value="false" />

We use the iSeries for its extrodinary security, dynamic backup-restore capabilities, clustering, and high-availability portability.  The iSeries systems we have serve our 500+ warehouses, 100,000+ employees, and 20,000+ vendors, both within the US and internationally.  We serve our browser environment from Websphere (currently 5.1) using LDAP authentication.

We will need JAAS and LDAP security, one-to-many clustering, many-to-one clustering, HTTP client (not RMI) interface, using java, js, jsp, JSON, ajax, etc.  The project will manage documents through a workflow.

Something I prefer is a robust forum of users & developers where I can communicate daily with others for ideas and issues.

[size=150]Does Alfresco sound like a viable solution?[/size]