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Alfresco Labs 3 on Ubuntu 8.04

Question asked by huitzit2000 on Aug 5, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2008 by mikeh

I'm not very familiar with tomcat neither java and the installation of Alfresco Labs 3 on Ubuntu 8.04 has been a pain.

We actually use KTDMS, however the new functions that were incorporated into Alfresco Labs 3 make this new version a strongl rival of KnowledgTree. We are thinking for a KTDMS replacement and we may implement Alfresco in our organization in the near future.

There is not a binary installer for an automated setup of Alfresco 3 Labs on Linux, but we urge to test Alfresco Labs 3 (although it is beta) in our own linux servers.

I couldn’t find any step by step guide or how to install Alfresco Labs 3 on Ubuntu 8.04.

Can you help me to install Alfresco Labs 3 trough this forum?

Many thanks for your reply.