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Lucene search: how to use LINKASPECT?

Question asked by hbf on Aug 5, 2008
Hi list,

What is the syntax to perform a Lucene query with LINKASPECT?

For example, the query
PARENT:"workspace://SpacesStore/039ae9ef-a748-11dc-a370-835e5c383006" AND LINKASPECT:"{}generalclassifiable"
always produces an empty result; actually, the result is even empty if you drop the PARENT-clause. (The node reference in the query is the reference of a category.)

Background: I run category queries with the PARENT field. This has, for certain queries, the side effect that subcategories show up in the result. I therefore want to add to my query the condition that only the parent-relationship between category nodes and nodes is to be considered (and not the container-relationship cm:contains).