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how to develop a text clipper add on

Question asked by swamikevala on May 3, 2007

I am currently in the process of evaluating Alfresco for use in our Archives department. I need to add some extra functionality that will allow a user to highlight/select a piece of text (anywhere between one sentence, and several pages long), associate tags and some other custom metadata with the selection and then store it somewhere in the repository. (Something that works a bit like the web clipping tool on - but for text only).

These selected pieces of text would then act as the content for a web-based intranet application that would allow users to search for material based on tags.

We currently have around 3000 and counting transcription documents (in MS Word format) which we want to make available to this process (which I am planning to convert to .odt files).

Could somebody please tell me what the best way of doing this would be, or if anything like this has already been done.

I thought that one way of doing it would be to convert all documents into html, and then make the clipping functionality available as a firefox extension or using WCM to bring up a user form through which the user can enter the selection tags and metadata and then submit the selection to the repository.

I'm new to Alfresco and I'm not aware of the different possibilities that may be available for accomplishing this. However, I would like to get something built (by someone else - not me!) that is as general purpose as possible and as much use to the community as possible. Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted