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limit on number of web projects

Question asked by sbzoom on May 3, 2007
Latest reply on May 14, 2007 by kvc
Hello again.

I have uploaded about 35 projects as "web projects" in my new Alfresco installation.  And, not surprisingly, the virtual server falls over because it runs out of memory.

1) A bunch of the apps aren't even webapps and could easily be run through an Apache server instead of tomcat.  Is it possible to make the virtual server NOT recognize certain apps?

2) Along those lines, can the virtual server be configured to look at some apps and not others?  That way I could setup 2 or 3 virtual Tomcats (on different machines) and have certain instances preview certain apps.  Possibly by setting up <Context> elements inside the <Host> element in the virtual-tomcat/conf/server.xml?  I would funnel all the requests through one Apache instance, so the preview domain name would be constant.  Is this separation possible?

Thanks again.