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Which ports are really needed for alfresco to run?

Question asked by froufrou on Aug 5, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2008 by mrogers

Does anybody know what are the ports that are really needed by alfresco 2.9B to run? As I turned off FTP, CIFS and NFS, I see that I have 4 open ports left :
  • 8080 : this one is at least ok as I know for what it is for :)
  • 50500: Seems to be used for RMI. Does alfresco really need it to run? If no, where can I close this port, i.e. turn this service off?
  • 8005: Seem to be used for Tomcat, isnt'it? Is it possible to close this port, i.e. turn this service that is using this port off and how?
  • 39943: No idea… Is this an important port for Alfresco to run?

  • I really thank you for your answers.