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Network problems with CIFS on a heavy load

Question asked by jromero on May 3, 2007
I have Alfresco Community 2.0 installed in a Suse linux with tomcat and MySql. I've been testing alfresco capabilities but when I have tried to load repositories to alfresco I have network disconnections. The first time it happened when it had loaded near 1GB (the load were about 1,4Gb), but making more loads, sometimes happens with less information loaded (100MB or sometimes less). I think it happens when other users work with alfresco the same time the load is working (other user is myself browsing cifs repositories…)

This has been tested from other windows workstations and from other linux client with smbmount with the same errors (doing this from linux is better because the 'cp' command tells you the file in which "Input/output error" has happened and continue with the work when the connection is ok).

It has been reporting like an error?