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Mac, CIFS & Versioning

Question asked by julianr on Aug 5, 2008
Hi all,

Is anyone successfully using the CIFS server in a Mac environment? I'm running into some fairly significant challenges with mine.

First off, putting files into the repository (new or overwrite) fails nearly every time. The Mac reports "The operation could not be completed because the item is in use." This is on a plain, vanilla space with no rules applied. So far as I can tell, what the Mac does when uploading is to write a 0-length placeholder file, then upload the file data, then overwrite the placeholder. The error would seem to be thrown when it goes to do the overwrite and Alfresco hasn't released some lock on the file. This doesn't happen *every* time, but it does happen most times.

Secondary problems are that the Mac's delete/recreate strategy bloats the archive content store with deleted nodes and completely defeats auto-versioning. Since an overwrite is effectively delete-write-write, everything always winds up at version 1.1 and if you want to back out of edits you have to search for matching filenames and then compare timestamps.

Any suggestions here would be greatly appreciated since CIFS access is a key requirement of my project.