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Alfresco as a document/knowledge system

Question asked by cyrilmtl on Aug 6, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2008 by krisapong
I am pretty new to the idea of document manangement …
What we would like to do is to import all our documents in a tools (like alfresco) with the final idea of doing full text search in them.
Our documents are purchase order, price request …, most in simple text file, pdf, sometime excel sheet or word,
but some are scan from paper (delivery paper, fax …) that should go to some OCR process before being use,
same for all our history (case of old purchase order … that only exist on paper now).

With a little organisation (tags/tree/naming convention …) we mostly want to be able to do search in those documents to quickly identify
which one is link with a purchase order, or a serial number or a project …

Is it documentation management, record management, content management ?
Somethink like Tinderbox or DevonThink on mac but being able to support lots of documents and a little more entreprise aware.

We plan to run that on Unix, Solaris if possible else linux, a try to stay away from proprietary blob database, we want to be able to
quickly access the original files, if possible extract metadata information … if we have to move to another system …

Some versioning should be interesting too, for example the import of a paper document would be as a scan with just some metadata to help the search, then when we
have time or need to use the document a OCRed version can be imported of the same document …

We are not interested on pusblishing document, web site … just storing lots of our paper flow for research/investigation …
The paper trail will still be here as needed for tracability (7 years by law I think …).

Am I at the right place ? did Alresco is the right tool for us ?

I can do scripts in unix to do lots of automation/bulk import, automatic ocr … I can php stuff too, but Java isn't exactly what I like the most !