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Metadata not updated when a file is redropped from WebDAV

Question asked by ping on May 4, 2007
Latest reply on May 4, 2007 by derek
When I update an existing file (overwrite an existing file using WebDAV), the metadata is not getting updated.

Below is what I'm doing:
1. Defined an aspect with custom attributes (as mentioned in
Turned on the versioning using: <aspect>cm:versionable</aspect>
2. Defined a rule to add the custom aspect to all "inbound" XML files
3. Wrote implementation for MetadataExtracter for XML mime-types and registered the same.
4. Defined a rule to "Extract common metadata fields from content" on "inbound" files.
5. When an XML file is dropped from WebDAV, the metadata is extracted and the custom attributes are displayed correctly (from View Details page).

6. If I modify the XML locally and redrop the file from WebDAV, the rule is not getting fired.
To fix this, I have created another similar rule for "update"
7. Now the rule is called but the custom attributes are not getting saved (when I view the details, it displays the old values for custom attributes). However the content itself is getting updated but not the metadata

Please let me know if I'm doing any mistake here.

Alfresco 2.0; Windows XP; MySQL; JDK1.5.0_05