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Deployment Path for promoting DEV to Production

Question asked by kbpair on May 4, 2007
Latest reply on May 7, 2007 by kbpair
One of our biggest issues with our current file share and workflow is no reliable way to test changes and promote them to production.

If a file name changes or a directory changes or even a new workflow is added, we can test in DEV or UAT but deploying to production is a manual process.

If I pay support fees for my non-production environments I expect a way to promote changes from Dev to Production. Does this exist?

If I change a condition on a rule to look for a different filename, or if I modify a script can I easily export those changes and apply them to the production environment? We have very strict policies around changing production.

I do not want to have to document step by step the manual implementation of these steps so my deployment person can hopefully apply them correctly. I need a 'build' or patch if you will.

Please lte me know if this is a feature of Alfresco.