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Workflow resources in start-workflow-wizard

Question asked by calle on Aug 6, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2008 by calle
I am working on a custom workflow where the assignees will depend on a property in the parent space from where the workflow was started. My thought was that I could get the needed properties if I got hold on the resource (document) associated with the workflow and got its parent space.

I have written a custom JSF AssociationEditor to fulfill the graphical needs for the assignee association but I can not find any way to get the resource (I added my JSF class as a component-generator in web-client-config-custom.xml for the task to start my custom workflow, and at least that works :) )! From my class, that extends UIAssociationEditor, I have access to a node, but that is the submit-task for my workflow transient node.

Investigating the jsp-file (jsp/workflow/start-workflow-wizard/workflow-options) that uses the JSF component I understand that for the "rescources" panel at the bottom, the value #{WizardManager.bean.resources} is passed but that is not the case for the property-sheet…

Before digging deeper into this I would appreciate some advice.

best regards