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PDF data extraction and displaying as Custom metadata

Question asked by amarendrakt on May 7, 2007
Latest reply on May 9, 2007 by kevinr
Hi Friends,

   I'm also facing the same problem. Actually I'm able to read data from PDF (PDF forms) files using PDFBox but I want this information to be extracted as metadata just like the way Name,/Author/Desc of PDF document and it should be displayed on screen.

I have my own custom aspect which shows Status of Customers (Active/Inactive) for this we have PDF forms which hav texfields to enter the status of customers.I have developed class that will read these textfields but now iI want that these data which is nothing but the Custome metadata for Customer should get extracted (and not maually entered) while adding this file in Alfresco.

Can anyone help me out in this?

I already put up two questions on forum about extracting metadata but iI think nobody knows how to do it or nobody is interested to do so.