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Vote for Quota management on Alfresco / Space storage limits

Question asked by pvk on May 7, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2007 by rdanner
Given the number of qualities I found in Alfresco, I was really surprised to learn that there is no current schedule for a quota system to be integrated into Alfresco. I've seen some other users interested in the subject, and in the hope to raise the issue, in addition to a post in JIRA : where you could vote as well, I'd like to invite any potential user of such tool as quota management / Space storage limits, to register their interest.
This could include things like …
It should be possible :
- to add quota on user and/or on space
- to trigger mail message when a user or space owner is about to reach a given percent of its quota
- to limit the size of a file that could possibly be uploaded, on a server, space or user basis.

Do not hesitate to post some other suggestions.