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Action after/during WorkFlow

Question asked by kurtkbee on May 7, 2007
Latest reply on May 11, 2007 by davidc
Hello All,
           I would like to trigger a specific action (document transform) after a workflow has gone through a specific phase.
For instance I have the following 2 scenarios ;

1) I send a doc through a parallel workflow and after 70% of the members have approved the document i want to add an aspect to the document. I would then be able to have a smart space rule handle moving/transforming the doc (based on the aspect).

2) I want to send a doc through the WF and have it transformed (maybe to PDF) on last members approval (or rejection) to a different document format.

Are these options possible, and if so where can someone tell me how this can be done or point me to where i can find documentation on how to do this.


P.s. Is it also possible for an email to be sent out to a certain person or group when a document (matching a rule) is placed in a folder/space or for a workflow to automatically start ?