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ftp connection problems externally

Question asked by bsawler on May 8, 2007

I am trying to get the ftp connection working, but am struggling with something.  When I run the ftp client on the localhost machine, the ftp runs flawlessly.  But when I try to connect to the same machine externally via the internet, I get connected and when I go 2-3 spaces into the repository it continually times out.

I turned off all firewalls etc. hence I can get into the local machine and see my directories but it will drop out, and then re-connect and drops out.  I am trying to connect to my local machine (at home) from the office.

I can connect from home to the office alfresco via ftp without any problems, therefore I do not believe it is the connection speed.

The only difference between the office and home is that the office is running 2.0 community on mysql and at home is running on default database HSQL?

Alfresco setting on my home computer? or an ip, internet problem, router forwarding?  Not sure on this one?