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Maven2 for building extensions

Question asked by mindthegab on May 8, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2012 by fstnboy
Hi all,
I'm working on a pretty big project of enterprise process reengineering in which the selected target platform is Alfresco.
As we'll be probably migrating lots of applications (>200) which will simply become Alfresco webclient extensions (or custom webclients build), and as we are going to define standards in project lifecycle management,
my belief is that using a tool such as maven2 would really help for a bunch of reasons:

- managing the complexity of this environment, storing the selected set of foundation libraries (dependencies) in an internal enterprise wide maven2 repository
- allowing to deploy project artifacts and resolve project interdependecies exploiting an enterprise wide repository, thus enabling/maximizing code reuse
- enforce standards in project management and in project structure by providing alfresco-related maven2 archetypes to allow a fast project startup
- standardize documentation process (maven2 sites), enforce Continuous Integration and so on…

I know that there's AMP but I believe that using and writing a lot of yet-another-ant-build won't certainly help in enforcing internal standard and best practices.
As I've already managed to successfully build an Alfresco based project with maven2 (and I was really amazed of the power and ease of doing it), I wanted to know if there will be any effort by the Alfresco community to support maven2 in the build process of Alfresco (not needed in my case as we will be using the Enterprise version) and in the build process of an Alfresco extension (really really easy, cause maven already overlays the Alfresco war with your extension codebase).