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How to build an advanced Social Network with Alfresco?

Question asked by boehlke on Aug 7, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2011 by mikeh
Hello community!

We have a big social network running at, over 7000 members, 30000 photos…
Since we would like to support advanced collaboration features and more extensibility à la Webscript etc I evaluate is possiblity of moving the whole thing to Alfresco.

* Basic requirements are common social network features: Browsing/Searching Photos/Videos/Members, Discussions, Blogging.
* One of our requirements is advanced authorization, supporting e.g. a group moderator role for a specific "discussion group".
* We need a simple interface for standard users, who just want to view photos, discuss, blog and send messages, just like in facebook.
* We need to import all the data into Alfresco: Photos, Videos, Discussions, Messages, Blogs, Comments, Groups

How would the roadmap look like to build such a network with Alfresco?
Would we use Webscripts to build a simple user interface?