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Deleting current version of content only

Question asked by bsawler on May 8, 2007

I understand the concept of versioning and the ability to delete a previous version defeats the purpose of versioning.  But I would like to delete the current version of the document and through the WCM you can only delete the file as well as all previous versions.

Why?  I have a document on Version 7, and when you "Check-In" from a file on your computer, it just updates the file and you do not go through the usual metadata entries etc.  and the file loads.  The file can not be checked out again because of extracting metadata errors.  Within this space I have metadata extraction rule applied, and if you try to add this file alone you will get the extracting metadata errors, for which you would not get upon checking in from a previous version.  So I re-created the file and can now add it as a standalone without the error, and I would like to delete the Version 7 file and check-in the file without the error?

So now I have to save all previous versions and rebuild the file back up with all the same version history…