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Web script to reassociate content with web form

Question asked by aadhikari on Aug 7, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2009 by pmonks
I am working on a web script that will all the content xml in a web project to a web form.

1. How do I get the noderef for a particular web form?
2. How do I return all the content files (xml) in a web project?
3. How do I associate the content files to the web form?

I am trying the following ways to get the content:
var contentFiles = avmstore.luceneSearch("wca\\:parentformname:superform");
var contentFiles = avmstore.luceneSearch("TYPE:"+"{}content");
var contentFiles = avmstore.luceneSearch("@cm\:abstract.mimetype:" + "text/xml");
var contentFiles = avmstore.luceneSearch("PATH:"+"/*");
var contentFiles = avmstore.luceneSearch("PATH:"+"/*");

but when i do
var numOfContentFiles = contentFiles.length;
the value returned is always 0.
I created several files, but none of them are picked up by the luceneSearch. How can I tell if luceneSearch is working?